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Panasonic AJ-D700 – Camera Test (2011) | Philip Barwell
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A showcase of the Panny AJ-D700 DVCPRO Camera

The camera has been around for quite a few years, and being an ENG camera, it has seen its fair share of news stories. Especially the 700’s are prone to tape dropouts, due to the metal in the tape carriage being somewhat flimsy. This results in the tape being unaligned with the tape head. This can be seen on a few clips during the video. But other than that, this camera is quite a reliable workhorse.

The lens is a half inch Fujinon S14x7.3BRM4
Batteries are 12V 5Ah from PAGLok
Tapes are standard brand new Panasonic AJ-P33MP’s
Mounted via a standard adapter plate on to a Walimex pro FT-6717 Tripod (quite a decent tripod if you’re looking for a cheap alternative to top professional sticks)

This video was shot at several locations around Denmark. This was in Randers, around Gudenåen (The River Guden), in Ebeltoft and Skagen.

The piano piece is called Exodus.

Editing was done in Final Cut Pro 7.